eBay cracking down on bootlegs???

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Tue, 1 Sep 1998 09:30:18 EDT

Hey all -

I went to check out the updated U2 section on eBay about 10minutes ago, and
there was nothing there....there was approx. 175 yesterday.

I then put in 'Rolling Stones' and that search brought up 0 as well....then
'Third Eye Blind' and nothing there either.

I typed in 'Star Wars' just to see what would happen, and it spit out about
2,000 auctions.

It's either (a) another crackdown on the auctioning of bootlegs or (b) they're
updating just the music areas, which to me seems less likely. Hell,
everything may be back to normal by the time I get home from work tonight...I
just thought it was odd that only the music-oriented auctions had been taken

If anybody goes through any other music group auctions on eBay, could you tell
us if bootlegs were a problem there. I know in the 3EB area, some guy was
constantly selling a CD-R bootleg of a show in Boston...but there were never
any offers on it. As far as the U2 area goes....I know someone was offering
up a copy of the PopMart Montreal video, which had been up for a couple of
days and hadn't been removed until this morning when everything was taken off.

Anybody hear of anything...

Dan in TheDesert
***POP for Wildcats***


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