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Kirk Franklin's "Lean On Me" album(features Bono amongst others) released
September 1998.
CONFIRMED: U2 "POPMart Live: Mexico City" DVD/VHS November 3, 1998
RUMOUR : U2 Greatest Hits album. (Prarit's note: I suspect this has something
to do with Joanou's latest project "Entropy"...)

Concerts/Live Events:

Television/Radio Events:
VH1: They are working on a U2 special. Airdate TBA.
MTV: will re-air the 1997 Video Music Awards on
Tuesday, September 8th at 11:30AM (ET/PT) and 1:00AM (ET/PT);
Wednesday, September 9th at 11:30AM (ET/PT) and 1:00AM (ET/PT);
and Thursday, September 10th at 11:30AM (ET/PT).

Net Events:
Vote for U2(War or Joshua Tree) on Wall of Sound's Top 100 of the 80s at
The U2-Internet Amnesty International Fundraiser site is
Vote for U2 at DotMusic's Top Albums of All Time (AB is #3, JT is #16)
Vote for U2 under "Juiciest Boy Group" at
(Don't ask me...I didn't make up the category name...)
Vot for U2 at http://www.bradfitz.com/votingbooth?schwag402

Fan Club/WIRE/U2 nutzoid meetings:
A SORT OF HOMECOMING, August 28-30, Las Vegas, NV
Email [email protected] for more information.
Wire Gathering in Kansas, September.
Email [email protected] for more information. You can also check out

NEWS dates:
Adam dating someone new? added August 31
A bunch of Irish Times articles added August 31
Remember? added August 31
"Sarcastic Fringeheads" by The Edge? added August 31
Flanagan on Gibson & Joanou added August 31
Greatest Hits/Mexico City VHS added August 31
Two interesting tidbits added August 31
Mel Gibson in Million Dollar Hotel? added August 31
I'm back online...sorry for no U2NEWS added August 31
DiCaprio passing on American Psycho added August 23
"Best Of" Rumour all but debunked added August 23
Wall of Sound's Top 100 -- cool art on homepage :) added August 23
Lyrics to Franklin's "Lean On Me" added August 23
Willie Nelson to recieve Kennedy Center Honor added August 23
>From ZooNation:

U2 star Adam Clayton was accompanied by a mystery woman at the Slane rock
extravaganza on Saturday last.

The bass player was spotted with the mystery brunette at Lord Henry
Mountcharles' private party.

They both watched performers including Junkster, James, The Seahorses, Robbie
Williams, The Manic Street Preachers and The Verve from the side of the stage
whilst sipping soft drinks.

Adam, who was once noticed for his bleached blond hair but is now greying,
wore his trademark sunglasses.

A friend said last night : "As far as we know Adam is still dating Suzie (Smith).
But since the group stopped touring earlier this year he hasn't spent much time
in Ireland. This girl is probably just a pal. Adam has a lot of female friends"

Backstage at Slane, Clayton rubbed shoulders with many including Northern
Ireland secretary Mo Mowlam, Boyzone's Keith Duffy, singer Eagle Eye
Cherry and designer John Rocha.

U2 manager Paul McGuinness, who was also there, recalled how the group
had played there with Thin Lizzy in 1981. He said "We'd love to come back
and play Slane. It really is the perfect venue." (a hint maybe)

In this day of it being virtually impossible to play an outdoor gig anywhere in
Ireland, Slane castle has been granted planning permission for 1 gig per year
until 2002. With a near 100,000 capacity, it really is the perfect venue for U2.
Rather than giving a short description of each Irish Times article that I missed
this past week, I'm just going to give the addresses:

>From Billboard:

August 31, 1997:

The Microsoft Network netcasts U2's performance in Dublin. Internet
perticipants are able to control remote PopCams at the concert, which
allow users to see the performance from seceral perspectives. The event is
accessible to any Internet user at http://u2popmart.msn.com.
Music Boulevard is listing a CD title "Sarcastic Fringheads" by Edge. I'm not
sure if this is _our_ The Edge. If someone could please enlighten me, it would
be appreciated.
>From an EXIT post by Micheal Cummins:

(Re: Flanagan mentioning Gibson)

The scene that Flanagan wrote about was between Gibson and Joanou and, I
believe, some friend of Gibson's. Gibson had promised this third person that
he would sit down with Joanou to 'discuss' a film project. Gibson was so
against starring in Joanou's next film that he never even made eye contact
with him. He ordered a drink and talked to his friend without even
acknowledging that the young Joanou was there. After about five minutes,
Gibson felt that he had honored his commitment for the meeting and he got up
and left. The book makes Gibson out to be such a dickhead that I find it
surprising that he would have anything to do with THE MILLION DOLLAR
Yeah, yeah, my news is never this late... :)

U2 Best of Album intended for release in November. This coincides with the
expected release of Joanou's next project, Entropy, which is about a film-maker
whose marriage falls apart while filming a U2 documentary. (Prarit's note:
For this reason, I'm calling it "Entropy". Understand that is _my_ name for it,
and it is in no way official...)

The PopMart VHS will be released November 3, 1998 in NA. No dates for
>From Ken:

1) The Sunday, August 23rd edition of the Los Angeles Times' Calendar section
reported "Remixes of tracks by New Order, Bjork and U2 are among those on "A
Perspective: 1988-1998," a new two-CD set marking 10 years of the British acid
house scene, released by the British label Junior Boys Own via Richard
Branson's new V2 company."

2) I saw the film trailer for "Without Limits," the upcoming (9/11 release)
film about runner Steve Prefontaine, which featured "Where the Streets Have No
Name" for the majority the clip. I don't know if it will be featured in the
film, though. Probably doubtful.
>From Excite's News Service:

Mel Gibson's withdrawal from "A Tale of Two Cities" wasn't quite due to a
breakdown in talks, as Dish's last dispatch reported. Turns out a deal was
sealed, but scheduling proved too tight for Gibson to do the picture and
prepare "Fahrenheit 451," which he directs next year. Gibson might well star
for producers Paula Weinstein and Barry Levinson in "Cities" later.

If Gibson does act before "451," it could be in "The Million Dollar Hotel,"
the Wim Wenders-directed picture about a murder in a sleazy hotel, which
stars Jeremy Davies and Milla Jovovich and is based on a story hatched by U2
lead singer Bono. Gibson hasn't decided, but it doesn't hurt that the
"Hotel" proprietor is Gibson's Icon Prods.

August 31:

I'm back online. My current address, [email protected] should
be good for the next little while.

An update on the week's events will follow...
(Prarit's note: I'm not sure what this says about me, but I consider "American
Psycho" to be one of the few treasures that I've read. I've given copies out as
gifts(and recieved some strange after-looks). The section on U2 is incredible,
and the book is definately the $24CDN I paid for it.)

Condensed from Yahoo.com:

Leo passing on 'American Psycho'

By Benedict Carver and Dan Cox

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Leonardo DiCaprio has pulled out of ``American
Psycho,'' a planned film version of the grisly horror novel about a sadistic Wall
Street banker.

Canadian producer Lions Gate, sources said, wanted to go into production
on the picture more quickly than DiCaprio did, and the two parties couldn't
agree on dates.

Lions Gate announced DiCaprio's initial involvement amid great fanfare and
controversy at the Cannes Film Festival.

In its original guise, ``American Psycho'' was premised as an edgy, $10 million
feature with Harron directing and Christian Bale (``Velvet Goldmine'') in the
lead role -- although Lions Gate never signed a deal with Bale.

DiCaprio's brief flirtation with the high-profile picture -- for a reported $20
million pay check (a figure that Lions Gate always denied) -- transformed it
into a $40 million-plus star vehicle, to the reported chagrin of Harron, who
left the project.

While nothing is confirmed, it is understood that Lions Gate wants to see if
Harron is still interested in directing a version in the $10-15 million range. It
also wants to re-cast the film from scratch. How this affects Bale is unclear.

``American Psycho,'' a 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis, explicitly details the
rapes, tortures and murders carried out by a fashionably attired banker with
a hankering for the music of U2, Whitney Houston and Genesis.
>From Lance, a subscriber:

As for the "Best Of" rumors. I've heard it on 2 radio stations in
Denver. But after talking to the manager at 1 station, it's all bunch of
hype. He said they get faxes from time to time with "news bits" for the
airwaves. sometimes these are leaked by bands or their
management.....even if nothing will happen (it keeps the bands name out
in the spotlight). However this isn't U2's style. He told me that
they've been quoting from Billboard. Yet another rumor

(Prarit's note: As far as I can tell, BillBoard is the ONLY place that is reporting
this rumour. All reports of a "Best Of U2" album/Greatest Hits album, stem
from this initial article. IMHO, all reports of a "Best Of U2" album at this
time are a RUMOUR.)
Wall of Sound's Top 100 is using a very familiar album cover for their index


(Prarit's note: The Top 100 is for 80's albums -- however, the only two U2 albums
you can vote for are Joshua Tree and War.)
The lyrics to Kirk J. Franklin's "Lean On Me" can be found at:

Condensed from Yahoo.com:

Willie Nelson to Receive Kennedy Center Honor

Legendary Star is Honored With Distinguished Arts Award; Nelson's New
Album Teatro Out September 1

WASHINGTON, Aug., 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The John F. Kennedy Center for
the Performing Arts today announced that legendary artist Willie Nelson has been
selected to receive one of the Kennedy Center Honors of 1998. Other recipients
to be honored at the 21st annual national celebration of the arts include actor and
comedian Bill Cosby, composer and conductor Andre Previn, actress Shirley
Temple (Black), and Broadway composer and lyricist team John Kander and
Fred Ebb.

The Kennedy Center Honors will be bestowed on December 5 in Washington
DC, the night before the prestigious Honors Gala in the Kennedy Center's
Opera House on December 6. One of the highlights of the Washington cultural
year, the event will be attended by President and Mrs. Clinton, along with artists
and patrons from across the country.

The honor comes as Nelson's newest recording, Teatro, is about to be released
on Island Records (out September 1). Produced by Daniel Lanois (U2, Bob Dylan)
and featuring background vocals by acclaimed singer Emmylou Harris, Teatro
measures up to the best work Willie Nelson has ever done.

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