You call yourself a fan???

Holly B. Morgan ([email protected])
Tue, 01 Sep 1998 20:54:30 PDT

I had a chance to breeze through today's Wire digest at work today, and
one of the posts that caught my eye was one claiming there were
"pictures of Bono's butt" or something on a web site. I thought it was a
joke- I mean, I know how a web site works- the more traffic, the better.
So, when I had a spare minute, I checked this site, and what do you
know- pictures of Bono- just like they promised.

The worst part of this? Below all these "revealing" shots was a photo of
Bono, his wife Ali, and his 2 young daughters Jordan and Eve. That was
probably the very worst part of all. I just felt entirely embarassed for
them, especially Bono's daughters. How would you feel, to be a 9 year
old girl, with people putting photos of your dad with his butt hanging
out on their website???

I don't care where they were originally published, or why the website
author decided to put them up. The photos were absolutely tasteless- not
to mention the write-up that went with the pictures. I don't know what
kind of U2 fan would condone that kind of absolute intrusion into the
privacy of the very person they claim to be such a fan of. It's more sad
than anything, and I'd like to say that I'm very disgusted by the people
involved. Whatever your intention, and whatever your level of
involvement, what you did was wrong- it was outright mean. U2 fans are
great, it's the people who feed off of U2 that I can't stand.

Shaking my head,
Holly B.

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