VOTE for U2 AB at, wish U2 would play Central Park on New Year's of 1999

Zoo Station ([email protected])
Tue, 01 Sep 1998 22:09:24 -0700

Right now, AB is behind Pearl Jam and Nirvana for best album of the 90's!!!
Go vote for Achtung Baby and do a write in vote for Zooropa for your
favorite or one of your favorite bands. Joshua Tree is a lock already for
best album of the 80's. Voting ends SEPTEMBER 11.

Alright, wouldn't it be great if U2 played Central Park in 1999 during New
Year's Eve? They could release their new album the week after and the
album would explode. I can dream can't I? Don't you have to be a "safe"
AMERICAN star to play Central Park anyway?


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