Lost songs & Greatest hits

Bopster ([email protected])
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 09:54:25 +0100

Hi Wire,

Regarding the lost gems that some of us want to see pop up somewhere, well,
there's probably a reason they are hidden, and that reason is probably that
the band isn't fully satisfied with them just yet. So, why the heck should
they release them now, unfinished, on a box set or on a Greatest
hits/Compilation-type album? Let them work them through and see if it's
possible to perhaps use them on some later recording, or, indeed, if they
aren't satisfied with the songs just throw them in the big ole' garbage can
of forgotten songs and let 'em rot.

Also, generally about the GH-type record, I understand that as überfans you
havea hard time seeing what good such a record would do for you, but
remember, you are a minority. There's a great number of people who haven't
got a single U2 album, and many who've only got one or two of them. A
GH-record usually generates great interest in a group. The way I see
this,this next collection might lead to something very good:

1) U2 release a GH-record in nov.

2) They have fulfilled their contract with Polygram and are free to look
for a contract with a partner who might be better for them, or
indeed, to continue their relationship with Island/Polygram if they wish.

3) They've had over a year to work on music.

4) The greatest dissappointment: We'll probably have to wait at least until
the summer of 2000 for another "new", U2 record.

5) With so much time, a better control over the technique they used with POP
   (specifically talking about drum loops), and an opportunity to be
   independent from their record company, the next U2 record might just be
   radical departure from the past I hoped for POP to be.

Well, anyhow, this is what I think,


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