Naomi Campbell video/U2 videos

White Canvas Shoes ([email protected])
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 02:42:38 -0500

Hi Wire,

I was watching M2 a few days ago around 2:00 a.m., which I am known to do,
since this is the prime time for catching U2 videos, and they were showing
a block of Bob Marley videos. Do you guys remember reading (either in
Flanagan's bible or B.P. Fallon's Faraway So Close, can't remember which
one) about Naomi Campbell saying she starred in a Bob Marley video when she
was a little girl. Said she played the part of his daughter. Well I saw
this video! It was called Three Little Birds. She looked like she was about
8 years old, but I could be wrong since I'm not very good at judging age.
It was totally surreal watching Ms. Campbell when she was sweet and petite.

And guess which group was featured in the next block of videos? Oasis. But
guess which group was blocked after that? You got it! It was U2!

45 Minutes of U2 videos!! I quickly got a blank tape in the VCR and
started to record, only missing about the first minute of Sunday Bloody
Sunday from Red Rocks. I was so proud, and thrilled since some of the
videos I had never seen! At the end of the block I re-wound the tape so I
could watch the videos all over again, and what did I see? Nothing. Blank
blue screen. Dead blue air. 45 minutes of nothing but blue. WHAT HAPPENED!!

        Ggrrrrrrrrrr !! (Technology sux)

Acting like it was the end of the world,

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