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> And if the movie contains many POPMart clips, then you would assume that
> the soundtrack would be a POPMart show (or many shows put together) Now,
> just what did they play at POPMart? What I would call their "Greatest
> Hits" only with some newer versions of the older songs, Entropy
> Soundtrack = GH album? hmm..


To be honest, I'm not sure I'm happy with the description of POPMart as a
"Greatest Hits" show. (Well, it's not like I'm crying or anything, but this is just a note on what I thought POPMart was...)

The Rolling Stones, who toured essentially at the same time as U2, only played
TWO new songs off their new album. What they did was a "Greatest Hits" Show.

U2, depending on the POPMart shopping spree you attended, played what...

Mofo, Gone, Discotheque, Last Night On Earth, Staring At The Sun, If You Wear
That Velvet Dress and Please ...

at pretty much every concert. That's six songs off the new album which
(in NA) had 12 songs--13 songs in Japan.

They also played EVERY other song during the tour(in fact, at the 12 dates
that I attended, I heard EVERY song off the new album played live...uh...
obviously, not at one show though...).

This was NOT a Greatest Hits tour. If it had been, we would have heard songs
like "Gloria", "Out of Control", etc., before "Gone" or "If You Wear That
Velvet Dress".

Not that I wouldn't have minded though, because lets face it, "Out of Control"
rocks. :)

Just a quick reply,


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