Re: You call yourself a fan???

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Tue, 01 Sep 1998 20:51:58 -0700

Silvina Sironi wrote:
> Hey, Robbie, your post reminded me of an old interview I have taped
> years ago, called "The nude Interview" where the U2 members were joking
> about being nude and saying all kinds of jokes about it. It was
> hilarious! I remember sb saying to Edge sth like Oh, Edge, cover THAT
> up..."
> Anyone knows what I'm talking about?
> Love,
> Silvina
> PS: By the way, nudity is not that bad, you know...

Yes, that is the infamous "U2 in the Nude Interview" on Dave
Fanning's radio show on June 25, 1987.
Yes, they really did end up takeing all their clothes off in the
studio and they even got Dave (Who's been their friend for ages)
to take off *his* pants at the end of the show.
At first they were down to their underwear after they
started dancing around to Iggy Pop's song "Lust for Life".
There's a part that goes something like:
Here comes Johnny Chen again
With his liquor and durgs
He's a sex machine
He's gonna do an other strip tease

That's what set them off into nudity ;)
More clothes disappeared as the show continued and Bono finally
came back for the john totally nude about half way through it.
You can tell just from Dave and the other's reactions that
they weren't making any of this up;)
It was haliarous! Some of the people in the studio peaked
in the room to see if it was true during the interview.
I love it. I listen to it every so often.
Even the people that called in the show were funny.
I think it's the best U2 interview ever:)


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