Greatest Hits!!! My thoughts, past, present and future: Volume 1

David Lang ([email protected])
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 15:42:54 +1000 (GMT+1000)

Really, every U2 album that comes out is a greatest hits package. What
they might be doing is making the greatest hits of the greatest hits!

And what makes a band that releases a greatest hits album sell out? What
is selling out anyway? If ambition is selling out, then the music
industry is in a lot of trouble. And as we've seen this year with great
albums released by Pearl Jam, Powderfinger etcetera, the music industry is
not in trouble. Therefore ambition is not selling out (Great Logic

I saw Bob Dylan the other night, and most of the songs I know from Bob
Dylan come from his greatest hits: "Masterpieces". But how can you say
Bob Dylan is a sellout? He didn't play anything from his greatezt hits at
the concert. Even if he did, what is supposed to play: Spice Girls

Of course, as a fan, I would like to see a greatest hits with some more
songs, ala R&H. But I can't except that greatest hits and sellout can be
used in the same sentence, unless the sentence is the one you are
currently reading.

More about selling out later...


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