Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Thu, 03 Sep 1998 13:29:32 PDT

I went! Yeah, it was about 2 months ago, and it was BITCHIN'!!!

Wanna know the best part? I got my mom and stepdad to go. My mom
really enjoyed it! Her favorite song was "Pride." :) 2 of my friends
went with us, too. Now, how cool is that?!? VERY, I say!

Anyway, to tell ya the truth, the laser designs and stuff weren't super
great.... but it was the MUSIC! Hearing it at such a high volume was
EXCELLENT!!! Sometimes the lasers would bug me and my eyes would hurt a
little, so I'd just close `em, and relax, and listen to the sweet sweet
sounds of U2. *aaahhh* How lovely!

The laserium's cool. It's a round room with a round/dome roof that acts
kinda like a screen. Ya have a seat, put yer 3-D glasses on, and lean
yer head back on the head rests. Then..... the lights go out! The
whole dome ceiling turns black and stars start to appear on the screen.
It REALLY looks like you're outside, lookin' up at an absolutely
gorgeous sky full of stars!

Just as the beautiful intro to "Where the Streets Have No Name" begins,
the stars slowly show up. The whole audience goes, "Whooooaaaa." My
God, with that music...... it's totally breathtaking. It feels so
moving, it makes ya wanna cry.

They played the best music!!! There was The Fly, Mysterious Ways,
Discotheque, Starin' At the Sun, 4th of July, Pride, and some more I
can't remember. They ended with "REJOICE!" Man, that was awesome! My
only complaint was that I wish they played MORE.

The whole time at this show, I just wanted to get outta my seat and
dance on the chairs! Who the hell cares 'bout lookin' at the neat-o
lasers? I wanna DANCE and SING and GET ON DOWN! I think I was buggin'
the people I was with, actually. I was singin' to myself, tappin' my
feet and playin' drums on my legs and armrests to it ALL. I just wanted
to let loose! Break free! Hearin' that music so loud and clear is
*unreal*. Ooooohh, I love it! It was tough holdin' myself back,
restrained in my seat, but...... I made it alright. ;)

Well, if any Wirelings wanna plan a night at this show, let me know!
I'll be there, baby! It was a blast last time, and I'd love to do it



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