Lyrics and credits

Jose Francisc Ramos V. ([email protected])
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 17:17:54 -0400 (-0400)

I am looking for the lyrics and credits of the
next songs write by U2/Bono & Edge/only Bono:

1.) LUCILLE (write by Bono/U2)

2.) SHE'S A MISTERY TO MY (write by Bono & The Edge)
    (to Roy Orbison;Mystery Girl album)

3.) JAH LOVE (write by Bono)
    (to Neville Brothers;The Keepers Brothers album)

    (to Marianne Faithful;Shortcuts Soundtrack album)

5.) GOLDENEYE (write by ‚Bon & The Edge)
    (to Tina Turner;Goldeneye album)

6.) MY WILD IRISH ROSE (write by Bono & The Edge)
    (Bringing it All Back Home documentary,Ireland,1990)

7.) NORTH AND SOUTH OF THE RIVER (Christie Moore original version)
    (write by Bono & The Edge)

8.) CAPTIVE (write by The Edge & Sinead O'Connor)
    (Captive Soundtrack,1986)

9.) PUT'EM UNDER PRESSURE (write by Larry Mullen Jr.)
    (Soccer Irish Team 1990)

10.) others songs write by U2/Bono & The Edge/Bono
     to others artist?????????????

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