U2 on the radio...new thoughts on Third Eye Blind

Jennifer Werts ([email protected])
Thu, 03 Sep 1998 19:44:14 PDT

Hi, everyone. I just thought I'd tell you all that there's this GREAT
radio station where I live. It's 95.5 "THE ZONE". Every time I play
the station, I hear a U2 song. An example would be when I was at work
today. I walked by the radio and it was tuned to that station, and
"Mysterious Ways" was playing. Also, they've played "Staring at the
Sun", "One" (a clip from the video is in their TV commercial!), "With or
Without You", and "Even Better Than the Real Thing". Why can't the
other stations be so cool? The only U2 song I ever hear on the other
stations is "With or Without You". By the way, I finally picked up the
single for "If God Will Send His Angels" yesterday, and I was
curious...has anyone in the USA ever heard the song on the radio? I
haven't, so I was wondering.

And now onto the second part of my post. A couple months ago I
mentioned that my mom took my brother to see Third Eye Blind and the
band played "I will follow". I guess I was always sort of against them
because my brother is into them...and he has a slightly different taste
in music than me...well, he acts like he hates U2, but I don't know if
he really does. He gets mad at me whenever I play them in the car!!!
Anyway, as I was saying, I had kind of a negative attitude toward Third
Eye Blind. It's really hard to explain why, but my brother was part of
it. Well, I saw them on that MTV show "Fanatic" the other night (don't
ask me why I was watching MTV...does anyone else besides me think that
if they're called "Music Television" they should concentrate on music
instead of Road Rules and The Real World?!). This fan of theirs
interviewed them, and she talked about how much they've helped her.
They helped her decide not to commit suicide or something. She was
crying and everyone in the band was really nice to her...they gave her
one of their guitars and they all signed it! They all sounded like
really nice guys...seems I could see U2 doing what they did. I doubt if
any band will ever touch me like U2 has, but I'm thinking of maybe
borrowing my brother's Third Eye Blind CD sometime...now if I can only
get him to like U2 like my mom and me!!!



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