...love to walk those movie sets!!

Birdwell ([email protected])
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 02:01:11 -0500

>>About this shoot for "Gazillion Dollar Hotel" (allowing for inflation):
Don't get too excited, they may only be doing exterior shots. So there's
no _guarantee_ that Bono will be there. Oh, and film shoots can be
v-e-r-y boring to watch. It all looks a lot more interesting once it's
been edited together. ;-)

Oh poot!! Elizabeth...you have it all wrong!!! Being on set and watching
the shot is absolutely thrilling!! One can learn heaps more in an 8 or 12
and even 18 hour shoot that would take weeks of schooling to learn...(and
then there's free food) Of course this is only true of you happen to be a
film student, aspiring filmmaker, movie afficinado, and/or something of the
like. Its utterly fasnicating to see it from the other point of few, the
set ups, the lighting, the numerous takes and angles!! Next week is going
to be utterly depressing because I can not go to LA and watch. This film is
my dream come true! Wim Wender's is an absolutely brilliant director...and
happens to be my favourite also. Bono being involved is a wonderful perk.
(Not to mention Milla...she changed my teenage-hood 4 years ago with her
first record...very good if you ever get a chance to listen to it!!) I
would give any thing to be able to see it being made...have that chance to
sneak on set, to make friends...sigh I love being poor!!

Anyways I just had to rant and carry on. Oh and before I go...must join the
foray...come on guys we all now Bono has an over active libido...must I
remind you his tendicies to rub up against anything and everything, band
equipment, speakers, mic stands, other band members?? (Of course NEVER
Lawrence...might end up with a drum stick shoved...well then of course he
might like that....but that's another debate saved for the locker rooms.)
And of course Ali is a goddess to put up with that BRAT for over 15
years....she should be given sainthood. Nevermind rumoured
infidelities...he's a bloody difficult man. She doesn't have 2 children she
has 3!!

Ok that's all I wanted to say,

p.s. go ahead and twist my words around and flame me...i dare ya!!...oh and
if yer gonna do that...I have something even more fun!!-- go to my site it's
interesting and otherwise sometimes even entertaining.

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