forgive me...

Zorro ([email protected])
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 18:43:03 +0100

...for bringing this up again, but i've been stuck at home for the last days
(a nasty case of flu...argh) and i'm dead bored (my parents always say that
an *intelligent* person never gets bored -- and probably they have a point
anyway, having way too much time on my hands, i checked out the U2 sucks
site today, and i must say i'm very disappointed. i mean, all this talk
going on on wire, people typing their fingers off about that evil, that
disgraceful, that gut-wrenching site... while in fact it's just a tiny
little page with not much to read on it. really, i expected to read
something that would stir my blood (i needed it, you know:), and all i got
was a laugh at expressions like "a bunch of whiny Irish guys". hehe, a good
one, isn't it? (no, this is no irony, i really think it funny).
ok, don't mean to bug anyone. i'm just being bored:)...



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