What's the best "One"?

Kp ([email protected])
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 03:31:21 -0000

I gots a question for you wondrous WIRElings out there.. My favorite song is ONE. I of course love the original album version, but I've also gotten quite by accident three alternate versions- on the Tibetian Freedom Concert album, the Miss Sarajevo single, and the Sydney boot.. and I was comparing the different versions (deciding which ONE to use, making a mix tape, y'know) and so I thought I'd ask - what do you think is the very best version of this song anywhere? Be it album, single, boot or whatever.. This could be fun to do with any song but *I* am interested in this song since it's my fav.. If there's a splendiferous version of this floating around that I don't know about then let me know. What's the definative "ONE"?


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