transworld, flanagan question, and 2 ps's

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Mon, 1 Feb 1999 02:53:48 -0500 (EST)

sorry bout that last message. mistake.

two things:

1. did anyone catch the snippets of coverage of the popes visit to the
st louis transworld stadium? i swear the stage set up was the popmart
remains. it had the arch (st louis style) with the big basket in the
center. weirdest thing...

2. i read flanagan a year or so ago and remember a scene where flanagan
gets real in depth with bono about why he smokes and bono says he doesnt
really want to but he does it because it gives him something to do with
his hands, etc....anyways, at the end of that year, u2 puts out the
soundtrack song/zooropa song faraway (so close) with the lines:

"green light, 7-11
you stop in for a pack of cigarettes
you dont smoke, dont even want to..."

also, i was just watching a video of
mtv raw where they showed kurt loder talking with bono about why they
were going to start popmart in las vegas, the dirty city of sin, where
the main goal is to seperate people from their money.

bono got real deep and then a look of inspiration flashed across his face and
he said: "its like chance is the new religion there, eh?" and you could
see his mental gears churning after that. probably had a song done my
the end of the interview!

does anyone out there in wireland have anymore examples of influences on
his songs like these?
just wondering,

ps. is there a cd out there with automatic baby on it or is it just on
boots? i thought i saw an ad for a compliation cd that listed it once.

pps. to the guy who said that he was amazed all over again by bonos
lyrics...i know the feeling. sometimes i focus on the music and forget
to pay attention to the words. when i listen later, i realize what a
musical/lyrical (sexy as all get out) genius bono is.

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