U2 Games

[email protected]
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 20:08:01 EDT

I finally put the U2 Shockwave Games on a webpage.


(At one time I used this site for a project in an African History class,
AFRICA must all be in capital letters)

There is a Puzzle (about 250kb), four Tile Games (less than 50Kb each), and a
Concentration Game (375Kb). I'm not completely happy with the sound in the
Concentration game, so if anyone has any suggestions, please tell me.

For a client (My first one for Shockwave), I'm designing a coloring book. I
can change the pictures and turn it into a U2 coloring book when I get the
project done, so if anyone has any U2 drawings/pictures that might work please
send them. I don't have the time to make or to look for such pictures.

Please check out the games and tell me what you think and offer suggestions
for future games.

**The Puzzle has a minor "bug", but it works without any problems. I'll fix it
when I get the time.

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