Re: My Apologies to the List

John J. Hlavaty ([email protected])
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 23:06:34 -0400

Des wrote:
>Seems that i struck a chord with my e-mails yesterday, since i received
>quite a bit of e-mail.
>Guess Michael Jordan and I should not only have known who U2 was but
>their stature in Rock 'n Roll. Thanks to all those that took the time
>to point out the error of my ways. Don't know how i reached the ripe
>old age of 35 and never paid attention to the world around me. I
>apologize for blowing John's statement way out of proportion.

If Des feels the need to apologize, then so do I.

I am GRATEFUL that she wrote on this topic. Admittedly,
I felt that Des personalized the issue, but in doing
so she, as well as many other WIRE members, showed me how
easy it is to not be cognizant of something I take for granted
in my daily life.

Having been a U2 fan since 1983, I was amazed at what I perceived
as U2's *huge* success in 1987. It seemed that U2 were always on the
radio in some format - whether it be their music or interview or
discussion about them. U2 or U2 members were on the cover
of Rolling Stone numerous times in 1987-88. Then, I witnessed
this all over again in 1991-93. Even if I wasn't such a U2 fan,
being around so many other rock music lovers for most of
my teenage and early adult years (as opposed to the "old"
adult years I'm in now ;-D), I certainly would have heard of
U2 and their music. So in *my* little world, I couldn't help but see
U2 everywhere. However, as Des, Robbie, Matt and several
others acknowledged, a "typical" person might have
no clue as to who U2 are. I still feel this is a shame as
I have at least tried to expose myself to other genres of
music. But just because *I* have done this in my life, it
hardly means I should expect this of anyone else. And WIRE
members have provided plenty examples of "famous" artists
that I am not familiar with.

Therefore, once again, if Des feels the need for apologizing
for personalizing the issue, then I apologize for being so

To end on a lighter note, here we are discussing MJ not
knowing who U2 were in 1992 but way back in 1983 my
friends chastised me for the same thing. I have demanding friends! ;-D



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