Good Trader Alert...Eve's Birthday?....Fav. Line

Perez, Michelle ([email protected])
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 11:34:30 -0400

Hi Wire:

Couple a things:

First - just wanted to let you know that Chuck Kliewer is a fabulous
trader. I traded for several videos from him lately and he is very
prompt and delivers a very good product. I recently received the Dublin
Popmart video and was surprised at how well it was done - not being
professional and all - just don't see how the person who filmed it could
keep themselves from jumping up and down through the whole thing. I
know I couldn't. I did love when he got onto the guy waving that laser
beam into his eyes. It was annoying. My favorite - so far - has to be
the Santiago show. It was so moving. I was in tears at the end - even
without understanding the language - you get the message from the
Mothers. Anyways, if you want to order from Chuck his email is
[email protected] He has most - if not all - the videos, plus more.

Second - isn't it little Evie's Birthday? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Happy Birthday Eve!!!!!

Third - favorite line has to be from WGRYWH - "to the place where the
wind calls your name".

Anything else?....Nope...don't think so... =o)


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