re: MJ vs. U2... also, the opera singing guy from Zooropa :)

Jaime Turnbull ([email protected])
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 12:43:48 PDT

Hey Wirefolks... first, I'm looking for temporary tatoos of the Opera
Singing Guy from the cover of Zooropa (too chicken to get a real one,
heehee). Um, stickers or buttons would be cool too! Let me know if you
find any.
  Okay, second, I'm thinking that we all read this quote from when MJ
met U2 completely out of context. I mean, for all we know, MJ had a huge
smile on his face and he was kidding since U2 *were* really in the
public eye at that time. I'm not sure how to word what I'm thinking... I
agree w/Des though, in that, I only know of some R&B artists (for
example), only cuz I've heard them on the radio. It just isn't what I've
grown up w/... (my parents listened to the Rolling Stones and the
Beatles and CCR and Jimmy Buffett and stuff).
  So what I'm trying to say (and not very well) is that just cuz someone
may be extremely popular in the jazz community (or dance music, or
country music or whatever) doesn't mean that everyone should at least
know them. Kinda like what Des was saying, I've gotten more interested
in the work of BB King and John Coltrane and stuff cuz they've
influenced the bands (U2) that I like now. I'm not sure it's got
anything to do w/my race (but who knows... I'm white and from a small
town), and I know that the music I like isn't influenced by the color of
the artists' skin.
  These are just my thoughts and as I said, I didn't wanna offend anyone
cuz I'd worded something wrong :) Lets keep it at a debate though Wire,
no one likes to be flamed (including me! :) PEACE & LOVE Jaime

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