Re: "Rock's Hottest Ticket" on eBay

John J. Hlavaty ([email protected])
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 13:13:12 -0400

> guess what?? i have the same cdr for sale for $17.00.(not
> including postage)

My offer includes postage. My starting price is $20, so it
sounds suspiciously like your price plus postage.

> why should someone subject themselves to
> bidding for the cdr?

They do not. If one does not want to bid, then don't go to
eBay. If one wants an item and is willing to bid, go to eBay.
It's really quite simple.

> if a person really wanted the original
> artwork then all they have to do is ask and i can make laser
> copies for the same price.

These are not laser copies, but color. And the disks will have
color labels as well.

> i also like to create covers for my
> cdr's from scratch and i think they come out pretty good,
> haven't had any complaints...

I'm trying to purposely keep mine as close as I can to the
original boot which is why I am not making my own covers
for this particular item.

> as for the cdr's, well i don't
> have an original boot, but my copy is pretty darn clear.

But I *do* have an original boot, so already there's a difference.
My first post is a touch misleading as a CD-R copy is just about
as good as the original - there's always some degradation in making a
You are charging $17 for a copy of a copy (of a copy of a copy?)
without postage. I'm charging $20 with postage and for a first
generation copy. Tell me which is better?

Yes, I'm using eBay where people may have to bid. I chose to do
this on eBay because I simply don't have time
to make numerous copies for those who may want this disk. If
the demand for this item is high, I will then make it available
on WIRE for a set price. I also wanted to familiarize myself with eBay.

For those that think my price is too high or resent the
mere notion of bidding, the choice is obvious: don't go
to eBay.

> is the reason for making wirelings bid for something that is
> available off of boot sellers list??

Because the boots cost more. Typically, a boot is $25/CD.

> what i'm try to do is
> make my collection available to all of you on wire who are
> interested and if i can be of help then so be it.

This is great! Good for you. But if you really want to be
so "generous" why don't you discredit me completely, why don't you just
charge only for your supply costs? In other words, you too are making a
healthy profit. You are using your slightly lower cost to justify
not including postange and that your item is a copy of a copy.

> another thing i try to do is trade with people as much as i
> can, i find this much more a fun thing to do then actually
> selling.

I trade as well and am in the midst of conducting several
trades as we speak.

To reiterate, the reason I'm using eBay is just to familiarize
myself with this auctioning service. If it turns out to
be a good method of selling/buying U2 items, I will continue
to use it. It it turns out to be too much of a mark-up,
then I will not.

> don't worry, for what i pay for in materials(cdr
> media, software, printer ink, paper, pens, gas to go to
> various stores to purchase materials, wear and tear on my car,
> the list goes on and on....) to produce my cd's, my profit is
> pretty small, which to be honest, is the last of my worries.

You say this, but again, your price is only $3 cheaper than mine.

I too believe that U2 fans should "share", but considering what
I have paid for many of my original items, I think that this is
something people say but rarely practice. I've also sold
many things at cost. However, this magnanimity has not been
returned. Furthermore, there's only so much one can trade
for (and I do trade when the opportunity arises).

I laugh at those who feel the need to condemn those that sell any
U2 item for any hint of a profit, when they are often selling
something at a profit themselves. I also feel that one
should take into account the costs involved in making
an item. There's the costs of the original item, various supplies,
the manufacturing equipment and the cost on one's time. These should
not be disregarded because someone else feels that "U2's music should be
U2 themselves make a handsome profit from us.

To reiterate, if the item is too much, don't get it. If you feel
you can get it cheaper from another source, then go there. I
am not forcing anyone to do anything.



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