Is there a soundboard JT or UF show?

J ([email protected])
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 18:41:42 -0700 (PDT)

     The premiere JT boot (and maybe even U2 boot), Rock's Hottest
Ticket is an audience boot. The reviews claim that the Denver tracks
from Rattle and Hum in "Mountains and Desserts" are soundboard. If
so, how did they obtain it? Was it broadcasted?

     Is there also an UF soundboard bootleg out there that has the
full show? How about a few tracks that were broadcasted?

    Please take note that I use the term soundboard synonymously with
broadcast because this is how most people view it. As far as I can
recall, there is only one "real" soundboard that is straight off the
mixing desk and that is Rotterdam 92.

    There are existing sounboards (broadcasts) from the Boy, War,
Lovetown, ZOO TV, and Popmart. The funny thing is that there are many
different shows from those tours that were broadcasted. Yet, I havent
found any JOshua Tree or UF show on soundboard (broadcast) even in its
entirety or incompleteness. Hope you have some info.



PS: How about broadcasted videos? Is there a Joshua Tree show ever
broadcasted? How about a Lovetown show?

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