Re: Dream Duets

Aaron J. Sams ([email protected])
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 10:51:58 -0400

Akshat Hasmukh Shah wrote:

>Hi Wire,
> Someone on Wire posted this before, but I think my favorite Dream
>Duet would also be Bono and Sarah McLachlan. Of course my opinion >might
>be a little biased since Bono happens to be my favorite male vocalist
>and Sarah being my favorite female vocalist:) They are both such great
>poets and songwriters, not to mention GREAT singers. And if they put
>their heads together I think they would just come up with just an
>incredible song. I am sure The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen >could
>take care of coming up with some great music as usual:) Maybe
>incorporate a little piano playing by Sarah. Anyhow, I wonder if U2 and
>Sarah McLachlan are acquainted with each other.. just my 2 cents..
>Take care
>- -Ak

Well AK I don't know how aquainted they are since Sarah hit it big, but I
can attest to the fact that Sarah had several U2 tapes in her collection of
music in the early 80s. One of my first memories of U2 was being at a
mutual friends house, and Sarah putting on Under a Blood Red Sky to listen
to on our friend's stereo (vinyl at that!). I never kept in touch with
Sarah (wish I had) or was too close, but I have become a fan of her music
nonetheless, and I too would love to see what a meeting of minds between
Sarah McLachlan and Bono would only request would to be to
keep Roni Size (sp?) away from remixing it, as I hate both her remix of
MOFO and Sweet Surrender.

Aaron Sams

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