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Sun, 12 Jul 1998 13:14:26 EDT

Hello fellow wirelings. I haven't wired in awhile. However, I just wanted
to bring up some relevant/irrelevant comments and questions for anyone who
wishes to conjure up anymore thoughts on. In other words, just mull over it.

Have you ever danced with your woman to a U2 song?
      memorable isn't it....
Have you ever wondered how Bono can do the amazing things he does on and off
stage? like the leaning thing.....or like the kicking during zootv and
popmart tours...or the funky smirk he has on his face when he knows everyone
loves him.
Have you ever wondered about how Bono can lead two lives? (father, and
Have you ever tried to incorporate one of U2's lyrical passages into a
research paper at school? -i was back in high school when i
decided to do a documentary paper on MLK in my speech class. I actually used
U2's performance of "Pride" from zootv at the end of my speech. I also did a
presentation in history class on Pearl Harbor....and I was able to dubb in
bullet the blue sky during clips of Tora, Tora, Tora! .

well, anyhoo....
                      " where the day begins....."

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