Wasn't it cool at the Bog???

Andrew Dwyer ([email protected])
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 18:14:05 PDT

Hi everyone

Feb 17 relived YAY!!!!! Wasn't it cool meeting everyone and having a
chat and a few pints at the Sacred Site at the Bog. We sat under the
watchful eye of Bono as he casually sipped the pint of Guinness when he
sat in the place 5 months ago and where we sat on Thursday. OK, so we
had the place to ourselves for the first 2 hours, and we had Mexico in
the airwaves. The highlight of the night had to be that rendition on
Angel of Harlem that Adrian, Andrew M and myself absolutely destroyed!!!
But it was fun getting stares from the other patrons as if they were
thinking "what the fook are they on" Well we were high on Irish fluids
and vibes.

We rocked the place and had a blast, and it definately won't be the

Thanks to everyone who came, who didn't come, who supported us and lent
us the stage. Whose house are we meeting at next time????

The rest of the world - do yourself a favour and meet your friendly
fellow neighbouly U2 wirelings

Andrew Dwyer

"Are you a roadie with U2??" - Bog patron to me on Thursday night

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