Tim Marsh ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 11:51:41 +0800

Hey Everyone,
thanks for all the help and support on the little brew-hah-ha *grins*
its been a realllly enjoyable thing to do - and a lot harder than you
may think. The 'war' will take place on Friday night Perth time and i'll
post wire and let people know how it went, and who won, and what people
voted for - there are more than a few surprises let me tell ya...

and to the one nay-saya *smiles and shrugs* who wrote:

>This is absolute crap that you can put two of the greatest bands on the
up against each.
Guys we should not do this.>

Well you missed the WHOLE point - but that's ok. I like both bands as
well - that's the point. Its a great chance for us both to enjoy the
other bands music. The real interest for Wire is trying to fill out
those categories under those rules - a lot of people commented on just
how hard it is. As for the 'war' - well that was an attempt at humor -
rest assured no blood will be spilt and no casualties (well if you count
neighbors having to listen to hours of the cure and U2 then....).

So calm down, the 'war' will be a lot of fun.....
i actualllly expected a lot more of those type of posts - but its great
to see most people got the point.....
its not about whose BETTER at all - the winner will be both bands - but
hey if somebody HAS to win then it may as well be U2 *laughs* i don't
think The Cure, if they get defeated, will quit and go back to their
ordinary lives. I doubt Robert Smith reads Wire.. but you never know....

take care,

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