Re: Difficult trader

[email protected]
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 00:39:26 EDT

>[email protected] is beginning to sound like trouble. I
>recommended many to him, even though he was a prick with me. Some are
>saying they are not satisfied with his products. Only likes to trade and
>then he takes your good quality stuff and sends you shit for tapes.

I'd like to say in defense of Jeff that this is the most ridiculous things
I've read on Wire. My first experience with Jeff was almost a year ago when I
posted to Wire that I was desperately looking for a video. Jeff taped it for
me, and asked for nothing in return. I have had many dealing with him since,
and have never received anything that wasn't top quality. He is responsible
for some of the best tapes in my collection!!!!
  And as far as him being a prick, why would you recommend someone to other
people if they treated you that way? Jeff is one of the friendlist people
I've met online. I've dealt with many people, some many times, and I consider
Jeff one of the most trustworthy and respectable traders out there.

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