Re: Missing Song In Sydney Video & Girl

Stephanie ([email protected])
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 17:52:37 -0700

Hey all

There is definitely a missing song in the Sydney video - Arms Around The
World was cut out between Numb and Angel Of Harlem. The reason being, as I
was told by a source at Polygram, was that they thought it was
"inappropriate" to have such a young girl taking a swig out of a champers
bottle!! She was in fact 14 years old, and as far as I know, that's the
only reason it was cut out of the video. The Video Confessional was also
given the chop - no reason was given why that happened. But, the show that
was broadcast on Pay Per View in Europe and the USA is complete.

The girl was actually alright compared to the one the night before who stood
there like a stunned mullet and had NO IDEA what to do! Bono practically
had to move her around the stage to make it look interesting and keep the
song rolling!!

And someone asked about the Love Is Blindness girl - well, she was in the
same year at school as my cousin and she didn't even like U2 before she went
to the show and was completely smug about her onstage tango with the great
man afterwards. I hope that satisfies your curiosity. :)

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