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PATTY CULLITON ([email protected])
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 05:12:16, -0500

Hello there -

I knew Ellen Darst a tiny little bit, and still know folks she used
to work with and I can give you some genuine info.

Ellen tired of the road and all that good stuff with the 1992 tour,
at which time she was offered the position of Senior Vice President
of Marketing for Elektra Records. She assumed this position in early
1993 and with her she took her assistant from Principle, the lovely
Holly Peters (originally from Dublin). Subsequently Keryn Kaplan
(who'd been with Ellen back in U2's WEA new artist development days)
was promoted to Managing Director of Principle Management, Inc.
located in NYC. Keryn remains M.D. there now.

A little over 18 months after assuming her position at Elektra there
was a top-level management shake-up at all of the WEA
(Warner/Elektra/Atlantic) labels, which included the ouster of CEO
Doug Morris* and just about everyone he'd brought on board.
Unfortunately this included Ellen (and Holly).

Subsequently Holly moved back to Dublin and was again working for
Principle Management Ltd. Holly was Assistant Tour Director on the
PopMart Tour (working under Jake Kennedy). I asked Holly a few
months ago how Ellen was doing and she said Ellen was well, and had
left the music business altogether.

Another point of information, I believe at one time Ellen was married
to former U2 guitar tech Steve 'Jah' Rainford - but I have no idea
whether they are still together or not.

Also another of the "other" companies at Principle in NY is one
called Mambo Management.

*Doug Morris, mentioned above... He's about to head the gigantic new
music business amalgamation of Universal/PolyGram. A couple of
years back he was hired by the Seagrams' CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. to
head MCA-Universal (owned by Seagrams). As many of you know,
Seagrams also just purchased PolyGram - and PolyGram's Alain Levy is
on the way out and Doug Morris will be heading the conglomeration of
these two music business *GIANTS.*

Hope this is helpful.

In The Name Of Love, Patty

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