U2 used as prize for contest on 'Chris Cross'

Will Thiessen ([email protected])
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 14:30:51 -0400

That was so cool! I started watching this show called 'Chris Cross', on
Global, around 1:30 EST. Then I went to get something to eat, and when I
came back downstairs I heard this wonderful music coming from the TV. It
was none other than Sunday Bloody Sunday!! I freaked out! If anyone else
was watching this, can you tell me why that prof, or whoever he was, was
dancing to the music? Big fan? It was hilarious! But, (off with the
horns) on with the show... the story was, these kids at a boarding school
weren't too motivated to do work, so
when they had to write a report on a revolution, the incentive for the best
report was 2 U2 tickets. First the teacher said something about a band
that writes their own music, called '3D', then he took the tickets out of
his pocket and said 'U2'. Well, all of the kids in the class freaked (as
did I). Anyway, in the end the main character and his best friend got to
go. It was to one of the Zooropa shows (someone in the crowd was wearing a
shirt that said "Zooropa '93". And they walked on the field, so they had
floor seats! Does anyone know which concert this was? Oh yeah, at the
very end they played the RH version of Pride.


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