Sorry about my LAME post, and a question about U2 recording soon....

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 23:27:53 PDT


Well, I just received an e-mail from the list manager. It said to stop
sending pointless, useless posts, like the one I made a while ago about
how I think about U2 every time I go into my bathroom (the Edge shaving
cream, a lemon night light...). Remember that one? Well, I guess it
didn't blow over too well with the man in charge.

ANYWAY, I just want to say I'm SORRY if I make posts y'all hate, or
think are lame. I just thought that bathroom thing was FUNNY. Bummer
y'all didn't think so. It just shows how much I REALLY do think about
U2! I think about them a lot. So... I apoligize. No more pointless,
useless posts from me. After all, I don't wanna get kicked off WIRE.

Just wonderin': Did the list manager just happen to run across my
stupid post... or did someone TURN ME IN? Ya know, send the lame-ass
post to him, to GET ME IN TROUBLE??? Just curious...

Does anybody know if U2 is ACTUALLY in the studio, recording right
now??? There was all this talk about THE date they would begin... but I
don't know what really happened. Anyone got any info on that?

Nikki =)

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