Re:The Cure V's U2 the selections....

Vijai Prabhudass ([email protected])
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 07:45:08 -0400


I totally agree with your sentiments.
I stated so in a earlier wire.
Those two bands rule and should not be brought down to the so called fun politics.

Great to see that there are cure fans on wire as well.

<<That since got relaxed, with lots of B-sides and Passenger tracks
sneaking in, but that's ok. So here it is....
1) Best 'throwaway' song - LEMON (DISCOTHEQUE was very close)
2) Best techno song - MOFO
3) Most ridiculous song - MIAMI
4) Sexiest song - MYSTERIOUS WAYS (although VELVET might
also get played - i'd like the 'judge' to hear it *grins*
5) Best suicidal song - LOVE IS BLINDNESS
6) Best 'Pop' song - EBTTRT
7) best 'pull at the heart strings' song - ONE
8) best love song - ALL I WANT IS YOU
9) best worst song - THE WANDERER
10) best single - WITH OR WITHOUT YOU
11) best under-rated song - ULTRAVIOLET
12) best 'easy listening' song - ANGEL OF HARLEM (very tough one)
13) best B side - SLOW DANCING
14) best teen anthem - STILL HAVEN'T FOUND
15) best instrumental - 4th OF JULY
16) weirdest song - ELVIS ATE AMERICA
17) best vocal performance - BAD (live)
18) most catchy tune - DESIRE
19) best 'anger release' song - UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (SBS was a
very close second... another tough one)
20) best song to sing-a-long to - PRIDE
21) best song that slowly builds - STREETS
22) song that leaves you feeling saddest - RUNNING (personal choice)

With the song selection listed here and with these catagories I am sorry to
say this but The Cure will win....BUT...

Its stupid for these 2 bands to go head to head with each other in the first
place. They are 2 of the best bands in the world I love U2 dearly
and they mean everything to me but I also love music and MUSIC is my
take these 2 bands and have them compete as to who is the best is SO idiotic
and a waste of time. They are both great...let them just be that...GREAT.

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