The Cure v's U2 a defence...

Tim Marsh ([email protected])
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 08:42:29 +0800

In defense of the 'war' (note the way war is written), the idea is to
hear more of each bands music. The Cure fan kind of likes U2 - but isn't
all that familiar with them - and vice versa. It will be a great night,
she is passionate about the cure and music in general - and we both see
it as a great way of glimpsing into each others soul. Music, and why
songs mean so much to you can reveal an enormous amount. It's not a REAL
war - who cares who wins (but it would be nice if U2 get up) its about
the music - now that's a line i'm sure you've heard of *laughs* As for
the criticism the first thing mentioned was that with 'those' selections
U2 wouldn't win...... well obviously you went through it - thought about
it - realized how tough it was to juggle songs to fit the rule - and
*pause* WOW! that was the point *grins*
if their has to be a war, i'd rather this one...
all this high and mighty stuff about it being irrelevant, and 'going
head to head', and 'their both great' stuff totally missess the point,
it's about listening to music that means something similar to what U2
means to me and coming away with more appreciation for both bands..
So SUE! me if this is bad *grins*, pardon the pun..
take care,

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