Adam as an M&M, SYDNEY WIRELINGS NOTE (Day #1000)

* FarawaySoClose * ([email protected])
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 23:15:44 PDT


Nikki Wrote:
>that if Adam were an M&M, he'd be orange. Don't know why. He just
>looks good in that color.

 I have to disagree..... If Adam was an M&M I'd have eaten him already
;). (Well I'd have to fight a few people for him.......)

  Ok Ive gotten a few replys(9) to my post about getting together to see
"Sunday Bloody Sunday"(coverband) which is cool.......but Im gonna keep
posting both as reminders and to drum up some more interest.

Who: YOU!(anyone who can get here.....)
When: 25th July (Saturday)
Why: Do you love U2 or not??

  Ok anyone interested in attending please email([email protected])
me so I can give you the details privately (as opposed to boring the
rest of the list with them lol). FYI: Today (thursday) I sent out
loooong emails to those people who have already expressed interest....

You know you want to,
P.S. Yes now I'm posting just to annoy Slicer :.*lol*......and tomorrow
instead of copy/pasting Im actually going to write a new post (joy of

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