"come on out, edge"

Elena Espinoza ([email protected])
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 15:18:14 -0500 (CDT)

he calls out in johannesburg, walking backward down the
b-stage slowly, coaxing softly. and edge comes on out
to play his guitar and maybe let Bono kiss him, which he
does, but only because edge leans over to meet him. come
on out, the edge, 'cuz it's only you, me, and 50,000 people
tonight, edge. edge. edge!!!

or maybe it's this:
"come over here," he whispers, and i slide over to him and
give him a moment. my moves are so raw, and he wants to let
me know. but. there's something about you that makes me
SWEAT (you're one of my kind).

or maybe it's behind door number three:
in buenos aires, on the third night, Bono was trying to leave
us. it was toward the end of "discotheque" when he inserted
a few lyrics from "the fly" into that song. he had the mic
very close to his lips and his other hand was somewhere in
front of him, maybe a final act of blessing, maybe a desperate
act of anchoring his soul to the temporal. his eyes were somewhere
else, already. they weren't even looking at us anymore. he
was transcending us, finally reaching the state of complete
detachment which signifies all emotion. he was all emotion and
then he went beyond. like that.

or maybe it's just a whack of the golf club (FOUR!!!):
i think "miami" is one of larry's favorite songs because
of the lyrics, "we could make something beautiful / something
that wouldn't be a problem," but no one believes me.

maybe it's just "no emotional goodnight". after all, that did
feel like the last song that he'd ever sing.

i don't know what do you think?

still not having found,
So love is hard and love is tough
But love is not what you're thinking of

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