shall I kill him?

[email protected]
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 09:28:22 +0800

A colleague of mine from another floor just walked past my office, and
commented on my screen saver. I told him it was U2. He askes me if I went
to the concert - I said you bet I did!

He said, so did I - I got free tickets. Cool, I say. He adds, I had those
VIP passes, and I got to sit in the VIP box with Molly Meldrum (Aussies,
you know who he is), and I had backstage passes too.

Wow! I get ready to hear some U2 goss - so how was it???

Nah, I didn't bother going, he said. I'm not really a big fan, and so I
just went home instead.

At this stage I recommended he leave my office, because I wanted to
strangle him!

Aaaarrrgghh! NOT FAIR! If I had have known, he could have given them to
me - but NO he goes home instead! How come I dont have such good
connections - I'm in PR for goodness sake! We're meant to know everyone!

NOT FAIR (sorry for my ramblings - but if anyone could appreciate my
frustration, wirelings could)


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