Re: Re: Worst Popmart moment!

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Mon, 27 Jul 1998 02:24:06 EDT

I, too, have a story Mom will NEVER hear! And if any of you tell her, you
will really regret it!

In Sao Paulo Brazil, for the first night show, I met up with three girls from
Sao Paulo. (Hello Daniella!) Anyway, once we parked the car we headed up
towards the stadium, a man, who was standing just a few feet away from me,
took out a 9 mm handgun and began firing in the air (FYI -- what goes up --
must come down!). Okay this was bad enough right? Well, everyone ducks --
except for me (hello the tourist)! And of all things, the freaking police
start to fire back! Except, they are not shooting in the air, they are
shooting straight ahead! And me without my riot gear, or at least my bullet
proof vest!

As best as I figured out, the man who started firing was upset about a
panhandler who was charging people to park in a free parking area. So,
understandably, he was upset. But really! Here you just tell them to bug off
(in not so polite terms) and walk off!

Anyway, that was just not fun, not to mention it was the ONLY Popmart I saw
from way up yonder In God's Country (that's the stands for those non-Southern

At least no one was hurt and I did have a wonderful time and met some really
great people.

In the name of Sparky,
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

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