Does it really matter???

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Tue, 28 Jul 1998 12:57:30 +0800

I have a question. A lot of people seem to get upset when lesser
bands/artists (I use the term loosely) are more popular/get more
airplay/sell more records than U2. Why? Would you prefer people that dont
really like U2s music jump on the U2 bandwagon, and say they like U2
because it is hip to do so? I saw a lot of people at Popmart that looked
like they only went to see what all the fuss was about, so they could say
they went, and it was fabulous darling!

I copped a lot of flak for being an INXS fan throughout the 90s. Then
Michael commits suicide and these same people who gave me crap decided they
'really liked their music', because it was 'cool' to like INXS. Funny how
their Greatest Hits only re-entered the charts after such a tragedy. Funny
how I've heard more INXS on the radio in the last year, than for most of
this decade.

I dont WANT this to happen to U2. I dont want people who are superficial
liking U2 because U2 is the IN thing. Its about the music, and the
passion. Cool is so dumb, and if U2 isn't as COOL as the Spice Girls, so
be it - I prefer it that way.

You know what I mean?


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