Lame Def Leppard & Kick Ass U2

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 01:56:44 PDT

I was watchin' the channel VH1. It was a show called Behind the Music,
and this particular episode was on Def Leppard. The lead singer was
talkin' about doin' chicks. "Majority of our audience was women. Horny
little girls in minnie skirts," he explained. He'd take `em anywhere.
Do anything, just as long as he got some action.

Watching this kind of show makes me think of U2 right away, and how
proud I am of them. They took no interest in this bullshit. They
remained faithful to their leading ladies. Sure, there have been
rumors...... but I don't believe `em. I think the 4 fellas in U2 are
such wonderful men! I don't know them, but I'm *still* really proud of
them. And while Def Leppard was screwin' stupid, starstruck girls and
gettin' high every night, U2 had their priorities straight, kept their
willies in their knickers, and made some amazing music. Right on, baby!


Your love was a light bulb hangin' over my bed!
       BABY, BABY, BABY! Light my way!

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