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Sun, 2 Aug 1998 12:50:12 -0400


Just want to say that I agree with Tim on the topic of lengthy posts on
Northern Ireland on Wire. This is a U2 Fan Mailing List, not a Northern
Ireland Political Discussion List. Now, yes, I do realize that U2 is very
concerned with the politics in Ireland and Northern Ireland. I, too, am
concerned with the strife that continues to happen there (and in many other
places in our world, also). But, really, is this list the place to air
these opinions about the political/religious struggle that is ongoing in
Northern Ireland? I really don't think so, unless the discussion of such
pertains directly to U2 in some way. These discussions should be done as
private e-mail or on a separate list, perhaps, if there are enough people
interested in such a list.

'Nuf said....Thanks, Tim for voicing what I have thought but was afraid to
say publicly at the risk of being "toasted"! ;o)

Faith, hope and LOVE,

Di <-------- who really hopes she doesn't need an asbestos suit, 'cause
the weather is too warm for it.....

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