Re: Stay (faraway, so close!) single...

Brian Rossi ([email protected])
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 16:56:47 +1000

Well that sounds like the Stay single that was released in Australia back
in 93. Derrr as if anyone didnt already know :))))

It was released as 2 CD's

CD 1 The swing format

Ive got you
2 mix's of lemon

CD 2 The live format
Slow Dancing
Bullet (live)
Love is Blindness (Live)

I think thats right as im not at home at the moment and dont have my copy
to look at:)

Obviously it has now been deleted from sale but u can still find it second
hand if u look hard enough which youve obviously done Larissa.


>G'day wireland,
>I went to the local markets on Sunday and to my complete surprise I found a
>double cd single of Stay (faraway, so close!) which has IGYUMS, a couple of
>remixes of lemon, BTBS (live) and LIB (live).
>How rare is this, as I've never seen it :)
>FYI I bought it for AUD$10.

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