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Tue, 4 Aug 1998 05:06:55 EDT

Hallo mates!!!

I haven't posted for a while..i had so much the last time, it sustained me for
weeks! But now i just want to address a few issues that have come up, things
i have wanted to comment about in the past, wrote the letter..blew off steam
then deleted it. But well, now i have extra fuel and its about time i popped

I just want to know why having opinions strong or other wise is soo bad? It's
ok if others think differently its not the end of the world but actually a
good sign that we all haven't bought the propaganda of the media and the
government. And from my favourite book, 1984, "Freedom is the freedom to say
2 +2=4," to tell the truth. Respect what others think and you're one more
step to sainthood.

And i just wanted to say this to Elizabeth and to any one else this concerns.
There's no need to get personal in this NI debate. And from a person speaking
with experience, people have died and given, and had taken, their lives,
security and peace of mind for what they believed in. Andf they have paid
dearly for it. Being a military brat i have had the occasion to spend several
years in Germany, in addition to others such places. Where I had to help my
mum check for bombs under the car. Strange cars and strange people coming to
the door scared me witless. Firecrackers to this day give me the shakes...to
much like gunfire and bombs. I get cold in the heart when i hear any kind of
sirens...thinking "gawd what now." That kind of thing so i understand what it
must be like for the Irish. So please have respect for those people and stop
this petty bickering. I'm all for debating politics and religion and other
such wonderful confrontational issues but please no personal attacks.

As for what ever Jeff is up to...if its truth or fiction its kind of
entertaining. At least he's not attacking anyone.

Ok homosexuality...oh cares!! And i don't believe Bono is capable of
repressing anything...he talks too much...he gives a way too much. He's not
the kind to keep things in. But for all this he himself said that his
strongest character trait is curiosity. So who knows...but none of us need to
know. its certainly not our place. No matter how huge a fan we are, how
connected we feel to the band, how deep these men have touched out lives, it
gives us no right into their personal affairs...we are lucky that they have
told us so much already. But remember U2 are europeans...and irish, kissing
and hugging is normal male behaviour...not homoertoic at all. And we all know
how touchy feely Bono is...it's my opinion that's how he expresses his
affection...a hug, a kiss, a drape. His a very open individual. Something in
my mind to be admired.

As for comparing eras....poot...each of us are different with different
problems concerns et al....so we look at it all differently...we need
different things and we take in different things. But we all can agree that
U2 rocks the asphalt very well indeed...so what else matters? Let's leave it
at that. I personally would give my little brother (actually i would give him
away free for the hell of it--anyone want a demon spawn?? but then didn't
friends and family call little Paul Hewson the Antichrist? maybe i should not
whine so...shrug...well i digress...) to see JT live....too see Bad perfomed.
But i honesly love U2 at all their career points...even if i did disagree with
certain hair cuts. It's all good, it's all inspired...is all fecking genius.
Let's all wait in eager anticpation for the next record.

Speaking of which...while we wait why can't we do something constructive and
creative??? Akin to what Aingeal and the older wirelings did a few years
ago...and what J attempted to do months back. Playful teasing of our
favourite bands...make up stories of life in the dressing rooms, in the 17
hour plane trips, et al. Exercise our lobes, be creative...and have some
laughs...and take the piss out of our inflated saintly image of the members of
U2. Do some reseach...get out our piles of U2 articles, our interview tapes,
our biographies official and unofficial...come on what better way can yo think
of spending your day than immersed in U2 factoids and anecdotes. Of course
put disclaimers on them as to not confuse a poor wireling. and see if we
can't make this digest cool again...it's hot enough outside right
now...without the flames. And maybe we can lure back all those wirelings that
left either to the Exit or just got feed up with the immaturity. I also
suggest actual stories about meeting the band..be it during Popmart, AB, JT or
any other time. Those are all very enjoyable...there's nothing wrong with
living vicariously. I am sure there's websites dealing with such...but
sometimes finding one in yer mail box while your at work or in the evening
trying to relax after a long day, its a spot of happiness and occasional

I hope I made some sense and didn't alienate any one. If i did tell me
privately and i'll apologise.

smooches and all that rot,

"i want to live!!!" from our man Gavin. I recommend a visit to
www.gavinfriday.com Let's get to know Bono's evil twin...its an interesting
and wonderful world!!

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