My mom, the U2 freak / "1 Shot of Happy, 1 Shot of Sad"

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Sat, 08 Aug 1998 14:38:23 PDT

Last night, I was eatin' dinner, and my mom was on the computer. I came
over to her, still holdin' my plate. I said, "OK. You're hoggin' it.
My turn!" She said, "OOOH, gimmee a bite." I put my plate down and she
cut off a piece of the fish I was havin'. "NO!" I said. "That's my
favorite bite! I want that." (She *always* takes the best bite!
Sheesh.) The bite was the edge of the fish, which was all nice and a
little over cooked. YUM! I said, "That's MY edge. You can have that
one." Then my mom grinned and said, "The EDGE!?!" and giggled. I
CRACKED UP! She always does that to me. I must be trainin' her right,
all right. Honey, pretty soon, I'll have her turned into a FULL ON U2
FAN! She'll be goin' to their concerts with me, the next time those
fabulous men are tourin'. We'll get front row! AND she'll be singin'
along with Bono and dancin' on stage with him. During Edge's guitar
solos, she'll be yellin', "YEAH! GO, EDGE! YEAH, BABY! YES!" She'll
be tappin' her feet and hands like crazy to the beat of Larry's drums,
and we'll be so close, she'll even get to try to look up Adam's
surong/skirt. Yeah, I'm gonna turn this woman into a full on U2 freak.
JUST LIKE ME! :) Hey, and you know what??? She already LOVES the
song "Pride." I'm stoked about that! It's a start. Now I just gotta
get her to listen to more.....

OK. Sorry about that pointless part. I better throw in some U2 stuff
w/ a POINT, or someone's gonna TELL ON ME AGAIN!!! OOOOOOOOHHH NO, I'm,
like, SO totally scared, fer sure! HA HA! So here it is: Can someone
please send me a soundbyte or somethin' of "One Shot of Happy, One Shot
of Sad," or whatever it's called. I've never heard it, and I'd really

Later alligators---

Your love was a light bulb hangin' over my bed!
       BABY, BABY, BABY! Light my way!

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