xoom???/alex descends in hell

Nikolaus Leiner ([email protected])
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 16:27:23 +0200

Hi folks,

I'm sorry for the lacking U2 content in this post!!!
But I have a problem. I have uploaded my finally finished
U2 homepage called "U2 Lemon Haze" on XOOM.COM.

But now some people say, that this address didn't work.
I can't understand why, cause I can browse to it without
problems at home.

So, if anyone who is on Xoom knows what the problem could be,
please get in touch with me.

Anyway, here is the address:

Thanks for wasting space


P.S.: If it works, please write me your comments.
P.P.S: I heared Alex Descends In Hell For A Bottle Of Milk
This song rocks, but does anyone know the reason why they made this one???
It sounds like a soundtrack for a film

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