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Trueman, Mark ([email protected])
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 09:09:35 +0100

I have lived through all of u2 and i am only 20. I remember those nice
warm days in my mothers womb listening to the radio and hearing the news
of a new irish band who were destined to take over the world. God it was
nice and warm in there, sometimes i wish i was back there so i didnt
have to listen to the STUPID ARGUMENTS ABOUT AGE on this mailing list.
The people who are 37-38, ie. the same age as u2 have only one
difference to us younger fans; you'll be dead before we are so you wont
be able to get the "best of U2" album in your collection. So there!!!!

Only joking... (for those of you who dont seem to understand "ze british
senze of humour")

Lighten up people

Mark Trueman - The Mirrorball Lemon Man
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