U2 Crossing The Bridge Problems

J ([email protected])
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 12:00:00 -0700 (PDT)

All these crossing the bridge problems are ether unsolvable problems
or some mathematical brain twisters that have nothing to do with U2
but people just change the names to Bono, Larry, Adam, Edge so that it
will seem U2 related. In my opinin, these things are equivalent to
chain mail. How about this:

*Send this mail to ten people in ten hours and U2 will donate $1 for
the hungrayin South Africa for every mail sent.

*Or instead of a Larry, Curly and Moe joke..the names are changed to
Adam, Edge and Bono...

*The granddaugther or the brother of the cousin of Bono's grandfather
is dying. Please send this mail to as many people as possible for her
benefit. Proceeds of sending this mail will go to her benefit.

These U2 bridge problems aren't U2 related at all and are just
tantamount to those other emails of that kind because I have recieved
many "crossing the bridge emails" before. But they may serve as good
brain boggler for U2 fans to ponder on. Well, even I don't know if
this post is driving at any point. I don't think I am making any now...


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