geraldo arrested and my bootleg rant (long)

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Wed, 12 Aug 1998 14:27:03 EDT

I just wanna say a few things here on this and though I know this info has not
been confirmed if he has been arrested or not BUHT...

I HOPE HE HAS!!!!!!!! and I wish I coulda turned in the lil bastard myself
...cause if I could have I woulda turned his ass in a LONG time ago. Actually
I would have if I woulda known who to contact....

This guy YES has supplied the masses with bootlegs but there are SO many
others out there who have everything he has and more and who are willing to
record things for cost or a more reasonable price. This guy was making SO much
money from selling U2 bootlegs that it makes me sick to think about. That is
not his money to be made and therefor I feel that he shouldnt be making any.

now..i dont have a problem with bootlegs obviously because I collect them as
well and have many but I dont go around selling them for $50 a
sell them for cost and I make no profit off of them. Fans shouldnt have to
pay, in my opinion, for these bootlegs above the cost of tapes/videos/cdrs and
shipping...yeah I mean..I spend ALOT of time recording and doing it on my own
time but like I said..its NOT my money to be made and I feel fans should be
able to share the music with other fans and then I think about people like
Geraldo and the person in Austrailia (whoever that was) that was selling the
Austrailian POPmart shows on CDR for $50 each should have their asses thrown
in jail. Its ridiculous to see people tryin to make money off of a band that
is allowing us to TRADE bootlegs but then people like this will in turn ruin
it for us who DONT trade but only sell to make a profit.

DAMN U GUYS! is all I have to pisses me off to NO end to see ALL of
these posts about "selling boots" and then seeing that these people are
selling them and making profit. I KNOW what it costs to make and ship the
bootlegs...I have been doing it for 3 years now and I can tell U it DOESNT
cost $50 or $30 or $20 or even $15 to make a CDR copy of a 2 cd set show..... all of U guys like Geraldo who wanna go and sell bootlegs cause U feel
U NEED to make money for YOUR precious time spent in doing it..go right
ahead...I cant really stop U now..can I? U guys are NOT fans...U guys are
money hungry fools in it for a profit and NOT for the shear feeling of sharing
the music with other fans.....

it makes me sick.....and I HOPE that Geraldo was in fact arrested and I hope
he learns his lesson now.....and I hope that maybe others will now think twice
about doing it...

yeah im pissed as U can tell...ya get me started and I just keep on rollin....

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