Party Girrrrrrl and my BIG ol' U2 DAY! ;)

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 22:38:39 PDT

I'm curious to know what y'all think about "Party Girl." I love that
song. I think it's quite unique. It doesn't really have that "certain,
rock 'n roll U2 sound," ya know? I love it! Anyway, what do y'all
think it's about? How do you interpret it? So, she wants more than a
party, huh? What, then? A "WHAM BAM" thank ya ma'am from Trash Can, or
whoeverthehell that boy is? And why won't she tell Bono her name?
What's this song mean?

Here comes the huge, pointless part of my post....
Know what? This is the biggest U2 day I've had in a looooooong ass
time! IT WAS GREAT! Little things kept happenin' and I'd be takin'
mental notes, thinkin', "OH! Gotta post that on Wire!...... OOOH!
That too." So here's *everything* that happened:

First, I was in this art class. I looked at my water bottle and it had
a contest on it that said, "Naya Water takes you to the EDGE! See back
panel for details." Somethin' like that. I couldn't help but get a
huge ol' grin on my face. EDGE! Gotta love him. THEN, my teacher was
showin' us slides of somethin' from the Getty Museum in L.A., and she
was talkin' about being there on June 21 for the summer solstice or
somethin'. THAT is the date when I saw U2 in concert!!!! She kept
talkin' 'bout June 21, June 21, June 21. I was havin' Popmart
withdrawls, majorly!

THEN, between classes, this guy spotted the picture I have on my binder
of U2, from The Simpsons, with their arses showin'. He said, "Lemmee
see that picture..... That's SO cool!!!"

THEN, after I had a class with my cousin, I told her I'd drive her to
her car, out in the boonies. I had Achtung Baby in and she said, "Can I
turn it? There's a song on here that I like...." So she turned it, but
couldn't find the song. I asked, "What are ya lookin' for?" She said,
"I think, like, Ultra....Ultraviolet. Light...." "ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT MY
WAY!!!!" I flipped out a weeeeeeee bit (I think I startled her!). But
I was SO stoked, because she's only *kind of* into the U2 songs played
on the radio, ya know? The "hit" ones. I had no clue she appreciated
such wonderful, but underrated songs as "Ultraviolet!" HOW BITCHIN'!
We were cruisin' through the parkin' lot, singin', and I got such a kick
out of seein' her close her eyes, shakin' her head to the music and
softly singin', "Baby baby baby, light myyyyyy waaaaaay." I didn't know
my cousin was so smart! Good girl. I'm proud of her!

THEN, after school, I headed on over to a music store and I went through
their used CDs. (I love those things! BARGAIN DEALS!!!) I found Under
A Blood Red Sky, which I've never owned on CD. Just tape. I ALSO found
INXS's Live Baby Live CD. This store has little listening stations to
test out the music before you purchase it, so I asked to hear the INXS
one. I loooooooved it, so I told the check-out chick (who looked like
Death. Wearin' all black, white make-up, tatoos, piercings, etc.....)
I'd take both CDs. She asked, "You wanna listen to this one, too?" as
she held up the U2 CD. I said, "Nah." Then she realized what CD it was
and added, "Ooooohh. You don't need to listen to *this*. I mean.....
it's *U2*." YES! WONDERFUL taste for a chick who looks like she
worships Marilyn Manson. :) That was a lovely surprise.

Alrighty, I've typed long enough. I reeeeeally apologize this is so
damn long. Sorry! Well, I hope y'all have a great U2-filled day in the
near future! LATER WIRE! ;)


Your love was a light bulb hangin' over my bed!
       BABY, BABY, BABY! Light my way!

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