Wire banner and unity

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Mon, 24 Aug 1998 08:06:39 EDT

Hi all!!

I was at a U2 gathering on Sat and the Wire Banner was there, after a year
since my first POP show I finally go to sign it. The people who have it are
trying to get it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, wish them luck in doing
it. Anyway I am getting off track.

When the banner was unrolled the people who were there had traveled around
the world with U2 and POP and they looked for thier names and reminised about
shows they went too. I was the outsider there, i had just met these people
that day and didn't know them but soon got to. I had the advantage of an
outsider looking in. it was a sign of unity, no bickering. they shared
memories and good times and not so good times out on the road following the
Boys.No bashing or badmouthing. That is what is happening to this group.
don't get me wrong but I love WIRE but the badmothing and constant bickering
is getting on my nerves.

I think we are getting off track, we should be talking about the good times
and memories until a new tour starts and we can get some new memories, no more
fighting and badmopthing people for their opinions, just acceptance.

I know the flames await and if i pissed anybody off, I am sorry but i had to
say this. I know some of you will critise me cause i very rarely post but if
one of the Boys wandered in and saw this they would wonder at what we are
doing here.

shaking my head sadly

*POP for Peace*

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