MP3 of the Week

[email protected]
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 02:25:50 EDT


I have a sorta special MP3 for you today.... it's a 10MB, 10 minute version of
WOWY from the Tear Gas boot. It's got the "stars" verse. It's got Bono
stopping the music to break up a fight. It's got a new verse I'd never heard
before after that (maybe a snippet from another song? If so it's not one I
know). And it's really freakin' cool! :-) If you've got the time and space
on your hard drive I highly recommend picking it up!

Coming up - Redemption Song, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), Knockin' on
Heaven's Door, and Boomerang I and II.

Keep the requests coming, but be prepared to wait a while for them! :-)


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